Dealing with negativity in business

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In the “network marketing” business, you must learn to deal with all types of personality types (inside and outside of your business). At the beginning this can be extremely challenging … You feel a natural shock against the personalities that do not favor and resist / feed the conflict, etc.

Eventually, you begin to enjoy the challenge of reaching these offensive personalities or you take a step back and realize that some people simply can not be helped until they are truly prepared and you should not put any energy into those people.

After a time of interacting with so many different people and taking note of what drives them, what brings out the negativity, what makes people use “excuses” or justify “in action” or failure on their part … you start to be able to read people like a book and know who to associate with, who you can “help” with and who you should stay away from …

Those who are unhappy within themselves often feel negativity towards those who are passionate about something, positive and successful, those who come out of the box to reach a higher level. The more you get up, the more people will want to see you fall. It’s a sad reality, but sometimes you have to learn to block these negative energies and keep moving on your way.

Unhappy people try to mask their feelings about themselves with anger or irritation directed at others. They magnify other faults. Their anger / irritation is used to try to justify their actions or failures, intimidate people and try to create the feeling that they are superior as a form of control. They despise others, gossip and spread rumors to feel better.

When you meet this type of person, stay composed and in control of your emotions. Do not speak negatively about them to others. People will see for themselves who is really the one with the problem. They want you to lose control and get involved with them or expect you to make yourself look bad by crouching down to their level. By remaining calm, you will disable the person and may even try to intensify their attack on you so that you lose control. Eventually they will seek another goal if you do not play their game.

The truth is that it is not about you, it is about them and their feelings of lack.

This is something that I had to learn over time after examining myself and growing up, observing others and learning. I swear not to participate in the diffusion of negativity over others. They are all on their own journey and have an internal battle to fight. Let’s help each other instead of attacking each other to bring them down. The world would be a much better place if we lend a hand to our enemies / enemies and help them shed light on their negative energy.

After a while of interacting with so many different people and taking note of what drives them, what brings out the negativity, what makes people use “excuses” or justify in action … you start to be able to read the people like a book and know who to relate to, who you can “help” with and who you should stay on the sidelines. The last thing you want in your business or around it is drama.

Find business partners that incorporate positive characteristics and will rise! Stay away from energetic vampires who want to defeat those with passion, pessimists and enemies. You will live in a new world of prosperous and successful people!

How to stop a rumor: do not let your reputation suffer!

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Have you ever been the victim of an unfounded rumor? Like a snowball rolling down a hill, the story becomes more exciting every time it is told. It becomes so big that it seems to take on a life of its own! Since the initial appearance of the story you are concerned about how the situation will affect your reputation, both private and professional, and how it should be handled. This article will explore some practical methods on how to stop a rumor.

Rumors destroy relationships. A positive relationship can not exist without trust. When gossip enters the scene, all trust is lost. If you are the subject of gossip, the situation becomes overwhelming. It is annoying when you discover people who whisper behind your back or who act strangely when you enter a room. As much as you want to set aside the problem, it is not always possible. The hurtful gossip spreads like wildfire!

Evaluate your behavior

You may be the talk of the city because of something you are doing that is being misinterpreted. Examine your own actions to determine if you are inadvertently giving an erroneous impression. If so, altering your actions should be a big step in stopping the problem. If the rumors and idle talk still do not disappear, then you must deal with the problem individually.

Face the source

It should be fairly easy to determine the source of the story. Face the person or persons. Be kind but firm. There is no place in this meeting for anger. Ask them to repeat their version of the story to make sure of the facts. Give them the truth and ask if they will be willing to talk to everyone involved and tell them that their version of the story was not true. If an agreement is reached, the story should disappear by itself. If an agreement is not reached, then you will have to do everything possible to stop the stories.

Salvage Your Reputation

Your reputation is important, so be careful how you handle the situation! Choose your words carefully. Visualize how your actions will affect the situation before doing or saying something. Prepare for a long and hard battle.

Reassure your version of the story to anyone who hears it. You do not look very defensive. Give only the facts and do not offer your opinion about the person who started the problem. Describe the events no more than once. If the problem continues, let it go. Any further attempt to amend the problem will only make things worse. You may want to respond with strong evidence if necessary. Otherwise, tell what happened once and let the rumors disappear.

No one should have to experience the emotional turmoil caused by a moving tongue. Many relationships and reputations have been victims of apparently innocent talks. Apologies may be offered but the damage is already done. Harmful events can be forgiven, but they will always be remembered.

Gossip can cause big losses to companies

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Although most of us would not dream of living without Internet these days, some questions have arisen regarding how secure our information is. It can be personal information, such as credit cards and bank or corporate data, such as bank details that could include codes that should not be disclosed to anyone. Currently, companies have security training that prevents the passage of information to certain people, but to reach this level, it is necessary to have some type of security certification to ensure that all employees are up to date with what can. and can not disclose

There are many cases in which sensitive information is leaked to the press in the form of outrageous gossip. In fact, many companies and famous people have been outraged in this way. Although the media knows that this will cause some kind of pain and embarrassment, they are really only interested in making money, so they have no worries about who they are hurting along the way.

It has also been known that hackers enter the systems of the company and discover all kinds of private information that they then love to sell to the highest bidder; However, if there is some form of blocking, then your actions would be somewhat reduced insurance.

Some companies have become so adept at retaining private information that they have now begun to provide courses for other companies to send their employees. Another way to do it is to make the company that offers this service go to the place and find out where the leaks come from. Either way, what happens is a much more efficient way to keep secrets in the place they belong to instead of being on the Internet or in the hands of their competitors.

This becomes even more important when there is a new product that is about to hit the market. Competitors love nothing more than to get a copy of it just before the main release and put a price well below what the creators have. Of course, they did not investigate or develop, so they do not have to recover these costs. This type of throat-cutting behavior is what makes doing business so difficult.

Governments around the world have also passed their difficult times with secrets that could not be maintained. The positions of the armed forces have been leaked before now and this is often enough to start a form of conflict between nations. In fact, this type of information could even be used to overthrow governments if it is published at the wrong time.

It is easy to see how these companies, which claim to reduce information leaks, have emerged. They train staff to stop gossiping about what they are doing at work, and often separate departments so that one does not know what the other is doing in an effort to keep secrets where they should be. People will always gossip, of course, but if they do not have the information to start with, how can this hurt?

How to deal with insecurity in a relationship

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Insecurity is one of the main reasons for the separation of many couples. It’s like a termite that can eat your relationship slowly. So, if you feel that insecurity is infiltrating between you and your partner, there are certain ways in which you should try to manage it.

There may be several reasons to feel insecure about your relationship. Past bad experiences, fear, rumors and low self-esteem are some of the main reasons. You constantly fear that your partner will abandon you or will go in search of someone else for love. It is difficult to live with an insecure partner. If you feel insecure, you must deal with him and leave him as a better and safer person. All you need to do is try to spend some time with you and reflect on your insecurities. The following are some ways to deal with this:

Love yourself

There are many people who suffer from low self-esteem and constantly fear losing their loved ones. This makes them too protective and interrogative about things that can irritate the other couple. You must find the root cause of your jealousy and talk about it with your partner. In this way you can find a way to help you improve your relationship.

Trust your partner

It is very important to trust your partner. It is the basis of every fluid relationship. If you had bad experiences from a past relationship, it is not necessary that you have the same in the present as well. You must leave your past and think of the present and treat your new partner as a separate individual. If you have any doubt in mind, talk to him and clarify it. Never assume or prejudge things and situations.

Build confidence in yourself

Insecurity usually arises from low self-esteem. It is very important to feel good about yourself, so only you can feel good about your partner. Never compare yourself with others since you are unique in your own way and you must learn to appreciate your good qualities. Never trust the rumors you hear from other people.

Insecurity in relationships is a very common problem and there may be several factors responsible for this. If you want a healthy and lasting partnership with your partner, you must overcome your insecurities. You can also take the help of your partner, as well as your friends and family members for the same.

Types of bullying and how to deal with that

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Bullying in schools has been news in recent years. However, it is an old problem that affected most of our schools, and many children have been treating it for a long time. Bullying is never a unique event; it usually happens and continues for a long period of time. Most of the time, it starts in elementary school, continues and increases in middle school, and begins to decrease in high school. This act of violence affects students in a very negative way and interferes with their ability to learn and grow in a safe environment. Looking beyond the line, we can find that bullying affects self-esteem and safety in people. We have to understand and educate ourselves about how bullying occurs. It takes many forms and forms:

1. Physical intimidation

This type of bullying occurs mainly among children. Children take advantage of the most vulnerable child in school. It can range from touching, pushing, kicking, hitting and provoking inappropriately. In my high school, children joked with a child daily in the dining room; They made fun of him until he exploded and got into trouble for acting badly. There were no teachers present to witness the beginning of the bullying; they were only there to witness the final result.

2. Emotional intimidation

This type generally happens more among girls. As a high school student, I was definitely exposed to emotional bullying. My experience ranged from spreading rumors, making fun of me, taunting me and keeping me out of groups. This experience made my experience in middle school horrible.

3. Cyber bullying

The increase in technology and the dissemination of social networks among adolescents has led to an increase in cyberbullying. Using the internet to spread rumors or insults seems easier for children than confronting their victims. It gives them the feeling of feeling anonymous while spreading rumors and insults to many people through the Internet.

We can no longer say the famous quote that children will be children and ignore the problem. We, as a society, as parents and as educators, must address this problem head on with all our resources.

1. Educators and counselors

They should be aware of loners, children with sudden changes in behavior or students whose grades have decreased and are failing. They should take an active role to involve them in various activities at school. Joining activities is a way for them to begin to control their own lives, increase their self-esteem and make new friends. In addition, they must be persistent. In my situation, I once met the counselor who suggested that I join a school activity and that was the end of our interaction. Monitoring is always important.

2. Establish a complaint table

Many children who witness intimidation want to take a position but are afraid of retribution. The existence of this box will give them a way to help other students and educators to know what is happening.

3. Parent’s responsibility

Parents should have an open communication with their children. Children should feel safe to talk with their parents about everything, and parents should learn to listen without being critical.

There is no denying that bullying is part of our schools. However, if we all work together, we will succeed in reducing it. Never give up: our children depend on all of us to protect them.

How to treat difficult people with pleasure

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During the course of our work and our private lives, most of us have had to deal with a difficult person. We do everything possible, but no matter what we do to help or get along with the individual, nothing seems to work. Not knowing what to do, we hit our heads against the wall in frustration.

As long as there is human life, there will be difficult people. How these people are managed will determine the type of relationship we have with them. Getting away or getting along with a person who is intricate requires a lot of patience and effort, but it can be done productively.

I have listed three types of difficult people, and each one requires a different approach.


This person is only involved in himself. When the conversation or the event is not about him, change the focus towards him. When the subject changes to something other than him, he interrupts with “That happened to me too” or “This is what I do” and continues to babble without stopping on himself. In the middle of an event or meeting, you will hijack the activity by changing the light bulb to it. It can not stand not being the most important issue or the central attraction of the main event.

The best way to handle this person is to smile pleasantly and say, “I’m sorry to interrupt you, but we were in the middle of something that is important to us.” Can we continue with the main focus of our discussion? The person knows that he is being rude and disturbing. Without putting him on the defensive, he will usually wander to another place for attention.

The Exhaustive, Chronic Complainer

This person complains about everything, but never tries to solve their problems and reduce their complaints. Each time a suggestion is made to help or solve the problem, she rejects it with an excuse as to why it will not work. The chronic complainer is exhausting for those to whom she complains, and her negativity drags everyone around her. She always has a problem; According to her, everyone is against her, her life is full of misery, and nobody cares. She is never happy or satisfied, and nothing is good enough for her. She complains to anyone who hears it.

Dealing with this type of person can be complicated. It is tempting to “fix” your problems or offer some suggestions, but unfortunately, both actions are useless. She has convinced herself that nothing is going to work, and that she is condemned. She will have a new set of complaints the next time she sees her, and the diatribe will start again. No matter what she says, she will discard it, and she is just wasting time.

A successful method to deal with a chronic complainer is to hear their complaints without offering any help or suggestion. Answer each complaint and put it back in your lap. Instead of trying to fix it, ask “What do you think you should do?” or “How do you plan to handle this?” Answering in this way indicates that you are interested in your problems, but you can not solve them because that is your job. It also prevents it from getting worse when he rejects his ideas, but continues to complain.

The Malicious Gossiper

This type of person likes to talk about other people, and takes what is said about others and disseminates it to anyone who hears it. He has to be the first to tell the story he just heard about Jane, or tell the secret that Bob just told him, and add whatever he’s saying.

Gossip can be a good way to spread the word about events and good news; however, it can be a really unpleasant characteristic when done in a negative way on other people. Dismissing others or spreading rumors about them is detrimental to everyone, and is extremely counterproductive.

An effective way to deal with this type of person is to not participate. If you are close to this person and start talking negatively about another person, or when telling unsubstantiated stories, there are some things you can do:

* Change the theme to a positive theme

* Disengage from the person as soon as possible

* Let the person know you are asking the gossip target for the facts

Each of these people wants to be the focal point of everyone’s attention, and each will do everything possible to achieve that desire. Managing these people with tact, dignity and class will show that you are the greatest person.

How to deal with rumors: 5 useful tips to deal with rumors

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In this article, you will learn how to deal with rumors before any damage occurs.

Rumors are not always unpleasant, but they can be especially malicious when the person who initiated them has something against them. Unfortunately, you can not simply put an end to unpleasant rumors simply by telling a person that it is not true.

If it were that easy, the rumors would not be a problem. However, there are better ways to deal with rumors. Simply apply the tips below and see which ones are best suited for you:

Tip # 1 on how to deal with rumors: clear the air.

Put things straight. Organize a meeting so you can address the problem in a more formal environment with a lot more people.
See the person who started the rumor in the first place. Most gossip initiators do not really expect people to chase them, so they will have the element of surprise.

However, do not attack that person physically or otherwise. Just get close to that person and tell them they have it all wrong. It is best to do this when you are in a room full of people.

Tip # 2 on how to deal with rumors: tell your boss.

If you find yourself struggling with a rumor in the workplace, it is important that you tell your superior.

Rumors, especially unpleasant ones, can affect your job performance and how other people perceive it. If your boss can not help, try to tell the human resources officer of your company.

Tip # 3 on how to deal with rumors: do not encourage it.

Sometimes, rumors have a life of their own. The least you can do is stop worsening the situation for yourself.

If rumors say that you live next to a garbage dump, for example, you can invite some people to show you that it is not true. Or if rumors say you are involved in an illegal trade, stop doing any activity that may sound suspicious.

Rumors are unfair They give you almost no chance to defend yourself. How you handle rumors also says something about your character. So be careful how to handle them.

How to deal with Mobbing in the workplace

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Mobbing in the workplace is very real and there is no laughter. It occurs in many offices around the world, which leaves the employee struggling with the feeling of helpless and lonely mobbing. This can happen steadily in the hope that you get fed up enough to leave your position in the company. The truth is that mobbing in the workplace is never good and you must stay firm as long as you can. There are several things you can do to try to help remedy the situation and protect yourself from further harassment.

First, if workplace mobbing occurs with your co-workers and does not involve your manager or supervisor, let them know the situation. Keep a diary of all the harassment episodes keeping in mind who said or did what will give you a solid record of exactly what you are dealing with. When you have this list or magazine in place, go directly to your human resources department with your complaints. If the threats and harassment are serious enough, you can guarantee their transfer or termination of harassing employees.

It is important to say that you must be very careful when authorizing figures or human resources. Making the decision to do this can make people think you are a “snitch” or a “gossip story” and, if human resources do not believe the threats are valid enough, their harassers can be back in the space in your office, continuing with harassment Many times, after having made human resources or their managers aware of mobbing in the workplace, it is possible that their co-workers have to take an ethics class. On the other hand, however, mobbing could be much worse, only it can be in a more reserved way, after working hours. If this occurs, contact the appropriate authorities to file a restraining order.

How to deal with gossip in the workplace

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Humans are social animals and often give their opinions on various issues, even if they are not asked. They tend to argue at every possible opportunity and do not refrain from doing so even at their place of work. Gossip is a rampant part of any organization, as there may be employees who are mostly involved in the speculation of other people. While healthy discussions can help a person grow in their career, spreading false rumors can affect a person’s performance. It can also have a devastating effect on him / her, as it has an impact on the morale and productivity of the affected person. Therefore, one should refrain from being a part of the conversations and even if he had an idea about it, he should act prudently and handle it properly. These are some ways that will help you administer gossip in the workplace effectively.

Get to the root of the topic
Conversation in the workplace is common in all organizations. However, you must identify the type of discussion that is taking place. While a friendly joke can spark some moments of light among employees, the speaker starts a gossip just to get attention and spread misconceptions that point to undermining an individual’s potential.

Do not take things personally
It often happens that the person who starts the rumors is exaggerating things just to show their superiority in the company. Even if it seems like a deliberate attempt to spread malicious nonsense about you, the way you respond to the situation will be the most important. Instead of having a defensive approach, try to understand the reasons that caused these rumors and then deal with objectivity.

Know the facts
Instead of getting excited about your emotions in addressing these issues, you need to know the true story behind the generalized stories. You can search for concrete answers by interacting with the right people who will provide you with precise answers.

Examine the context
While handling rumors in your workplace, you need to identify the type of rumors, whether it is related to a particular individual or if it is gossip in the workplace. Although both must be dealt with quickly and firmly, appropriate measures must be taken to prevent employee morale from plummeting.

Address the rumors honestly
In times of uncertainty in the workplace in today’s world, rumors will surely feed more and be driven faster. If you have a high position in the organization, it is your duty to assess the fears in your team and to inform them of the facts. It’s about giving adequate security about the things you know and taking steps to find the reality about things you may not know.

Ask the chismoseador directly
Most people talk about others simply because they like to do so or have a sense of insecurity towards an individual. They use attention-seeking tactics to make their importance felt in their group. You can help these employees by confronting them to talk about their real grievances or to encourage them to talk about what bothers them.

Avoid getting involved
If you are an employee, a team leader or aspire to a higher position in the company, never participate in conversations that perpetuate the rumors. In doing so, it not only belittles its value but also creates a negative impression on the minds of others.

Discourage the spread of rumors
You must comply with the company’s policies and understand the types of discussions in your organization that are called gossip. Make sure that employees understand what is considered a negative discussion and take appropriate measures to avoid it.

Gossip can become an important reason for distraction in the workplace and even affect the performance of the company that leads to financial loss. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the rumors controlled and not allow the spread of false news among employees. The methods listed above can help you deal with gossip in your organization.

How to deal with rumors

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Rumors can be harmful, they can damage our self-esteem, our health and our careers. Unfortunately, the way we respond to the rumor often makes things worse. The initial reactions make us angry, defensive and even counterattack. These reactions are generally ineffective. You can deal with these annoyances more effectively if you understand the dynamics. Once you fully understand the dynamics, you can effectively know how to deal with rumors.

The longer the rumor, the more harmful they become. As the rumors spread, they evolve. When rumors spread, people can add or omit details, either intentionally or unintentionally. If you respond quickly to a rumor, do not allow it to have time to evolve and spread. If you’re worried that, by responding, you’re encouraging the gossip to spread, it will spread on its own anyway.

Most gossip seems to be credible and that is why they spread. People retell these stories that they believe themselves. The source of the rumor has an impact on your credibility. The rumors that fit within stereotypes, prejudices and widely disseminated images are more credible. If a story about a love story is developed in the workplace, it is more credible if the couple is known to have lunch or travel together and the rumor will spread more quickly.

When responding to rumors, first identify the parts of the rumor that make it credible. If credibility resides in your own behavior, then change your behavior.

Rumors of packages will spread more quickly. If they say, “Do not repeat this or tell someone I said,” it’s usually the way rumors are packaged. When a rumor is preceded by this observation, you feel more secure in retelling because you feel that the path will not take you back. If you hear a packaged rumor, you can be sure that it has spread everywhere. You do not need to try to find the source, since you probably know who the source is.

Ending the rumors can be very difficult. You can not control how fast a rumor travels. If a rumor is already circulating, it is impossible to stop it. Instead of trying to control an attempt of rumors to arrive at the truth and to begin to discover how to circulate the truth as fast as the rumor circulates. If you trust independent third parties and factual information that is verifiable that contradicts the rumor, you have been inclined to treat the rumors very effectively.

Constructive responses are more effective than being defensive, angry or depressed. Your behavior can, in fact, give the appearance of confirming what is said about you. If you recognize the rumor and address it seriously, you will deal more effectively with the rumor.

When dealing with this, you will do much better if you maintain your self-esteem. Believe in yourself and present objective information and it is possible that you can stop a rumor in your tracks. I hope this has helped you learn how to handle rumors in a constructive way.

How to stop people from judging your business through nasty gossip

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We are going to have a small business and networking efforts, you do not want unpleasant gossip to be the first introduction to your talents. Here are five ways to avoid negative gossip.

1) Not everyone cares
Take a look at your marketing efforts. Are they just spamming self-promotion, insanely banal tweets or have you taken the time to learn where you could be of value? This is difficult because most people who send spam are self-promoting, are you sending or posting promotional spam messages? Your network contacts, business customers and business prospects already know what you do (or should do before joining your network), therefore, if you want to keep sending things, make it personal for them and their needs, not yours.

2) Remember who your friends are
Your closest friends do not care if you’re an idiot. Send them daily videos of cats, cartoons, YouTube and children who put firecrackers on their pants, that’s what friends do, they accept you for what you are. But any affliction, building a professional business network requires a bit of finesse. No matter how close your business relationship is: NEVER send garbage to them randomly or let them be present with the proverbial lamp in your head. You may have fun, but they will transmit your behavior peculiarities to someone who will not be.

3) Miss’s manners (ed)
There comes a time in each revolution, and in this case it is the technological revolution, where things go wrong. Manners, simple manners are forgotten in the search of “being connected”. When someone does something for you, the appropriate response is he or she thanks -… you can do it face to face, the keyboard and the keyboard or the ear to ear Punctuation, spelling and grammar are still relevant text messages during a meal or a meeting is unacceptable to answer your cell phone when you’re with someone – again hard to believe, but it’s just a nuisance and rude to your mate sending a personal note, a book or a traditional mail invitation is still a good something that will not always be “selling …, not only will not get the deal, but in all likelihood, you will never get the deal.” Be a good partner: eat with your mouth closed, be fun when appropriate, be charming, learn Some things so that you can be an expert and contemporary conversationalist, be more interested than thats interesting, and pick up the tab once in a while.

4) Positively positive
When someone in your business network tells you that they have an idea, an event, a crazy passion, a totally brain hair project (genius is often put to ridiculous measure), a new business, or a marketing concept – be the boy or girl That says: “Fantastic, tell me more and how can I help you”. Everyone has an uncle Charlie who will tell you that his idea is stupid.

5) Fly higher
Since you know that gossip makes the world go round, get out of the jet stream. Even if you are not a saint, the chances of you doing something that causes the pssst … are probably there, so build some social capital to devote your energies to build your business and network helping your friends, colleagues, colleagues, customers and customers, so that when a YouTube video comes out with you asleep with drool coming out of your mouth, there will be a dozen other people to gossip with who have not built any social capital.

Meditations: This is for those who gossip about others

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Have you ever surprised yourself by gossiping about another? Did you ever talk to a friend or stranger about your neighbor next door who you thought was having an affair with the man at the pool? Have you ever stopped by the water fountain and talked about what a colleague did at the Christmas party on previous nights?

Gossip about others, the stars and especially the neighbors have become a common past time for us humans who travel on this planet. The act of gossiping while giving you such an immediate dose is short-lived and eventually resentment will accumulate within you between you and the person you’re gossiping about, but also within your own mind.

The act of gossiping in the workplace is a very common act, but it is also very destructive to the harmony of that place of work. See, gossip feeds on the negative thoughts of both you and others and as a result generates a state of mind that is negative and in all cases unproductive.

While a single act of nonsense gossip may have no consequences, you will discover that your mind will become accustomed to negativity and over time it will accumulate and the impact on your karma can have dire consequences on your ability to grow and nourish your life and be happy

The meditation

The first step in this meditation is to reflect on the act of gossiping during your meditation. Concentrate on the effect of the negative state of your mind while gossiping. Reflect on the pain gossip causes the person who not only listens to gossip, but is also the center of gossip.

Now that you have reflected on the first account, take a moment when you have attracted a group of people to a gossip account. As you reflect on your gossip account, look into the eyes of the people around you. See how they are reacting to your gossip. Is it positive or is it negative? Remember the pain of the gossip cause, look into the eyes of the person the gossip is about. Do you see his pain?

In the third stage of this meditation, it is time for you to develop a feeling of repentance for your actions and for having absolutely no control over the power of your mind. To help you develop this feeling of repentance, reflect on your meditation on a period in which your gossip has caused a person to burst into tears. Feel the pain that this person is feeling.

Now that you know the pain that your gossip has caused, it is time to meditate to resolve that you will avoid gossip and that you will only speak about topics that are positive and that will help your neighbor to benefit and find a state of happiness.

Gossip at its best – Viral Marketing

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Are you one of those people who hate gossip? All that idle talk and rumor about personal or private matters of the people. Like a virus, it’s amazing how fast you travel around the office or a small town. But would you feel the same if everything were positive news? Have you ever heard of a gossip protocol? a process used in a computer network that mimics the way people talk to solve problems.

And that is what you need to do. You must use a form of gossip protocol, because gossip can spread information in a positive way. Ways that can help your business grow.

You must think of a virus as the best gossip marketing program.

Because, when time is limited and the funds are tight, nothing on earth beats a virus. As a marketing professional, you should aim to have a remarkable impact on the thinking and behavior of your target market. Because essentially, that’s what a virus does.

And as much as you may fear or hate the idea of a virus (biological or computer), these small self-propagating and self-propagating insects are very important to marketers.

It seems to me that every vendor is desperately looking for a new marketing approach. But now is the time to stop shying away from the threatening sound and embrace the enemy: viral marketing or vmarketing are here to stay.

And if you can weave the characteristics of a virus in your gossip, you may have a winner.

Viruses are smart: they do not touch the door or wave a flag. They find a path to the “host” under the guise of another unrelated activity; a free DVD with your insurance policy!

Viruses are small patient insects. Many will remain dormant in their host for years before demanding revenge; Plant the seed and be patient too

Viruses do not spread by chance. They follow the natural behaviors of their hosts, allowing social interaction, email, blogs and Web surfing to take them to the next unsuspecting host; so point to communities of like-minded people with similar behavior patterns.

Viruses thrive in groups where people have many casual social connections; Remember the Tupperware parties.

Viruses do not become epidemics overnight.

Gossip plays an important role in bullying in the workplace

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“The most powerful force in the universe is gossip,” said Dave Barry, the American writer and humorist. If you have been subjected to harassment and bullying in the workplace, you know that Barry is right. We can tell ourselves, as did the English novelist George Eliot: “Gossip is a kind of smoke that comes from the dirty tobacco pipes of those who spread it, and proves nothing but the bad taste of the smoker.” the truth is that gossip hurts

A quick look at the dictionary offers a definition of gossip:

“Rumor or talk about a personal, sensational or intimate nature”.

Given that definition, it is easy to see why bullying in the workplace and gossip go hand in hand. A bully is always willing to show others that he is the best. He “proves” this by diminishing or destroying someone else. The gossip fits well in their tactics, because it can expand the truth or invent a lie about its objective without having to face it directly.

Sadly, you just have to look at the large number of magazines, websites and news reports to see how easy it is to get people involved in gossip.

How do you deal with bullying at work and gossip? Let’s see what some famous people have said about gossip that will give you some options.

“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees,” said the Persian writer and mystic Kahlil Gibran.

During World War II there was a similar warning that appeared on posters in offices and manufacturing plants. You do not need to be unfriendly at work; just be careful with what he says and with whom he says it. Pay attention to the Chinese proverb that says: “What is told in a man’s ear is often heard 100 miles away.”

If you are sure that a bully is spreading gossip about you and what you are saying, ask yourself, “Is any of this true?” Sometimes we need to hear a message or at least part of it. While gossip is not the best way to receive comments, be open to listening to what is being said. Maybe there is a core of truth that you can adopt.

Or, you might consider facing the harasser over the gossip. If you choose to face yourself, try this method:

· Isolate the person. Find a place and time where you can talk only to the gossip spreader / intimidator.

· Say: “I have reason to believe that you are gossiping about me, and I would like you to stop.” Only a simple statement is the key. Do not look to talk and debate. A bully will never say, “Oh, I’m sorry.” Rather, they will seek to deny, even defend and, for the most part, reject their comments. Know that by stating that you know (can) cause the aggressor to see you stronger than you thought.

· Stop talking. Trying to explain will take you to the middle of a discussion that you can not win. Consider moving away first to show your confidence. Staying for approval and / or connection will not give you more power.

In short, when dealing with bullying in the workplace, understand that you are in charge of how you feel about yourself. In the movie, “Men of Honor,” Cuba Gooding, Jr. played Carl Maxie Brashear, the first African-American master diver in the Main Navy. Others intimidated and gossiped about him every step of the way. He reminded himself constantly, “This is what they say, not what I am.” I urge you to watch this movie to encourage it.

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “No one can make me feel inferior without my consent.” Nobody can take away your dignity. It is up to you to value yourself.

Use of gossip for your professional advantage

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There is one thing in life that is as inevitable as death and taxes, and that is the existence of gossip. In a perfect world, the creators of rumors do not exist, but this has never been a perfect world. Gossip and gossiping people are a fact of life.

Gossip is a fact of life, not only in the workplace, but everywhere a group of people gather. Gossip of housewives; They exchange the latest juicy news on the fence, by phone, at PTA meetings, etc. Even the CEOs and executives of the company also participate in it. They can discuss the latest developments in the industry with their fellow CEOs during lunch at the Rotary Club meeting but, at the end of the day, what they are doing is exchanging gossip, especially if they are talking about matters that have not been officially announced. .

The two channels of human communication

There are two channels of communication in each aspect of human activity: the official or formal channel where the pronouncements of the superiors are sent to the lower levels. The official version is what is on paper and what employers profess.

Then there is the unofficial or informal channel, also known as the vine and the source of the so-called gossip and rumors. The informal channel is where the official versions are speculated and colored by personal opinions and subjective evaluations.

In addition to delving into the company’s business, the gossip also talks about Hollywood’s latest love affairs, malicious and personal attacks, harmless chats about the company’s love affairs, what the cafeteria will serve, what stores have a promotional offer at the center commercial, etc. .

Using the Grapevine to your advantage

There are two things to keep in mind about gossip: one, that there is no way to avoid it; and two, they are often useful, even valuable, nuggets of information that can be gleaned from gossip. The important thing is to separate the valuable information from gibberish. Here are some guidelines to help you distinguish useful information from the slag.

Let it slide

Do not pay attention to personal, vengeful or malicious attacks, especially those that claim to damage the reputation of people or companies and especially if you are working for those people or for that company.

If you are always affected by gossip and you try to close it, you will live your whole life with aggravations and you will not be able to change anything. Even if you dismiss each of the people who help spread the gossip, you will only stop it for a while, until it starts again.

Be in the search

On the other hand, pay attention to rumors about your workplace, but try to validate or refute this as soon as possible. There is a difference between malicious, unpleasant or spiteful rumors, and information that can have a negative impact on your company and your position. Learn to distinguish between the two.

Evaluate gossip bearers

Locate the most active gossip providers and categorize them based on their reliability. Use your personal rating to interpret the value of the gossip that is spread. The CIA, the FBI and all the other intelligence agencies do the same, why not?

Provide positive gossip

Use the vine to feed positive news. Gossip flows in two ways; Use the vine as a means to circulate good news about your company or the people you work with.

Face the source

If the gossip is about you and it is a pack of lies, face the source and set things right. This is the only time you are allowed to take gossip seriously; Ignore it as best you can the rest of the time.

The above guidelines will make the work environment more pleasant and have less problems for you as a manager. The best part is that you will use the vine in your favor instead of being a victim of it.

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